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wear zipped or unzipped with a cami

..both look


Love wearing mine ..comfortable & warm !

.. have the pants as well with the hidden pocket


Womens Bomber Jackets

..comfortable and versatile wear with that attention getting chic style

.. great to pack if you have a southern Australian trip or northern hemisphere travelling happening 

 The Celtic Bomber

..from urban to country

..wool mix fabric with cotton chamois pockets and shoulder features

..cotton black stretch trims featuring the longer cuff and hip bands

size 8 to 18

..buy now ..$ 120

The Love heart Bomber

..dramatic fun front with black cotton stretch back and sleeves

..side pockets with the featured edgy fraying

..back with stretch black & shoulder feature with hearts & fraying

size 8 to 18

..buy now ..$120

White luxe stretch Bomber

 ..White stretch cotton with the san nizet signature pockets in luxury white satin

..roll up or down stretch collar

..looks great zipped closed or open

.. the sleeves can be puffed & pulled up for that dressier look

sizes 8 to 18

..Buy Now ..$95


  The Back Of The White Bomber Leisure Jacket has the same edgy popular San Nizet design Signature as the other jackets


the Lightweight resort silk jacket is perfect for cruising and features satin silk pockets

The popular silk bomber has just two prints left ..monochrome stripe & paradise

.. only a few sizes left

priced at $ 89

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