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Styling tips

Frilled silk wrap tied for warmth and drama

draped across one shoulder works well

attached with a kilt pin gives an edgy look

Draped front, back and sideways

Comfortable Arm Coverage


Luxe Wraps 2020

..buy and can be mailed..

Layered silk gorgeousness

medium & large 

$ 120

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a fabulous versatile and quality accessory to  enhance your wardrobe options

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Frilled layered silk combo wrap with that vintage feel

..lipstick print

..dramatic all black

..rich deep red

.. deep brown 

..has a clip but love my kilt pin !

..black chiffon over light brown leopard

..reversible option..

light silk chiffon wrap in a longer or a shorter length

Feels gorgeous, Looks gorgeous, is gorgeous !

Pink with a mottle of black and mauve throughout the print

long ..$ 55 short .. $ 45

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Light chiffon silk wrap in a shorter or a longer version

grey base with a mottle of black , blue and mauve

long ..$ 55 Short..$ 45


Black Net wrap

.. soft, comfortable, non crease & versatile styling

.. heart or spotted trims 

.. stunning neck detailing which can be worn at the front or back of the neck

one size ..$ 95