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Featured Items:

2 layered Scarves available

2018 collection

meadow florals no 1 ..Sold Out  

 remind me of the sea no 6

 irish memories no 7

Beautiful eclectic combos in 2 layers with the san nizet signature tassel..



 $ 79










two Layered silk scarf and wraps

...large net wrap


clients have been wanting to add new san nizet silk scarves to their collection ever since the Three and two layered scarves were launched at the coolum studio fashion teas

Why ? ..eclectic limited edition combos of prints

.. stunning colours to lift any wardrobe

.. really glams up the look and adds luxe chic and sophistication to wear to any event

.. travels well & rolls up to nothing

 .. goes from climate to climate easily


..Buy directly from the website ..just quote the number of the scarf & print description


great ways to Tie the 2 layered scarf !

2 layered monochrome no 2

2 layered autumn floral no 3..Sold Out

   2 layered silver grey animal print no 4..Sold Out

All two layered large silk scarves $ 79



another styling tip for you that gives an interesting shot of colour when you are adding a jacket

The new Net wrap /shawl..light, versatileand edgy and able to be worn a myriad of ways and be seen during the day events or evening

Available in two prints

hearts or spots

one size ..BUY NOW ..$120