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The silk chiffon jackets

:  floral swing

     : monochrome striped swing

:jungle mottled swing

: cape style floral

: black silk with velvet



The floral swing jacket

the jungle swing jacket

the Monochrome striped swing jacket

 The floral swing jacket

this flowing Unique San Nizet Design has black silk for the collar and edging to give it a luxury look and feel

Sizes 8 10 12 16 20



The monochrome striped swing jacket

can be worn open or tied loosely

Sizes 8 12 16

 $ 95






The Jungle Swing Jacket

  has angled flattering sides and swings to a straight back that still covers the bottom nicely.

3/4 sleeves allow the jacket to be worn trans-seasonally.

Sizes 10 12 14 16


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The silk floral cape jacket

 Can be buttoned or left to flow


.. Medium

 $ 120








·  IS LUXE ·


The Cape Style Floral Jacket

is comfortable and flows beautifully from the angled 3/4 sleeve to the curved back.


The front featured black chiffon silk collar moves into a rectangular back which gives it a feminine but urban flair .

designed not only for comfort and versatility but also to add some drama and a modern element to your wardrobe


another perfect travelling and cruise companion.




 the dramatic back !





The Luxe Black silk with velvet

 The long black Silk jacket with black velvet additions is a feminine edgy style to wear when you simply want to add some glamour to your look or you need light coverage

 Sizes 10 12 14 18



 When You Want A Very Feminine, Very versatile & Very Chic Addition To Your jacket Collection . . .