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The Scarf

and Cuff Links

The quality stunning cuff links have their own unique lustre, shape and properties

styling ..The Large Size silk scarves all have versatile ways of tying

..as a sarong

..across your shoulders

.. rolled & tied as a scarf under a jacket..$ 45

styling..The easy Long Funnel scarves look stunning to let flow 

.. to tie around neck

.. or bowed..$ 55

Silk Scrolled Tube Scarf ..$55  Silk Green Floral Tube Scarf ..$55


Buy Now and Enquiries

Silk Large Autumn Hue

..$ 45

Silk large blue ambience..$45

Silk Large Scrolled Scarf Front..$45

Silk Large Scrolled Scarf  Back..$45

Silk Large..the Shapes ..$ 45

Silk Large Orange leopard Print Scarf .. $45

Silk Triangle light leopard Print   ..$40

Silk Triangle dark leopard Print  ..$40

Rayon Green Triangle Fern Scarf..$35

Rayon Red Triangle Fern Scarf ..$35

Rayon yellow Triangle Fern  Scarf..$35

Rayon Swirl Triangle

Scarf ..$35

Silk Large..Autumn Hue ..$45

Silk Large.. Tuscan Print ..$45

Silk Blue Leaf Tube ..$55

Silk Large White Resort..$55

The Womens Cufflinks

Cuff links made by San Nizet especially for the Womens Shirts

made from precious stones all with their own special properties

..wear the cuff 3 ways..

See the collection of Womens shirts

Individually  designed

shirts look beautiful and feel beautiful with the unique cufflink addition

no two cuff links are the same

BUY NOW..$ 45