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  San Nizet Attention to Detail


These shirts have now the same colour lining at the back for easy wearing




The Cotton & Lace Shirts

The height of femininity with a comfortabe flowing New York style combining the best quality cool urban cotton with a pleated lace curved back this shirt is another limited edition to add to the san nizet 2019 collection. selected colours of the monochrome essential black and white with block shots of tangerine and purple colours are the on trend collection

Sizes available are small medium and large and san nizet has the added convenience for her clients by lining the lace back to save the hassle of adding a cami

Priced competitively and buy directly from this page via email or sms or from eumundi square  napier street wednesday and saturday. also at ydm little grey street southbank brisbane the 1st sunday of the month..

.. events page for more details.



 Black quality cotton is used as a traditional shirt front and pleated sleeves with a wide cuff and placard whilst the  attention to detail back has a pleated quality black lace flowing contrast which curves lower than the front. added after this photo was taken is the very convenient back lining


the black cotton lace shirt

Sizes ... Small medium large & extra large


buy directly from the designer at $70


the essential white shirt that all ladies love as it always looks fresh wholesome and sophisticated with an added touch of lace to give that feminine allure. essentially the same style shirt as the black

Fabulous Trans-seasonal addition to your wardrobe


The white cotton lace shirt..

Sizes ... small medium large


Priced at $70


Purple is a wonderful rich colour that adds depth and a feeling of warmness to any outfit. this shirt looks terrific over pants, tights, slip dress and i have worn it over my straight denim skirt which felt comfortable , stylish and feminine. the lace is the same pattern and texture as the white and tangerine and matches beautifully with the purple cotton front as well as having the perfect matched back lining


the purple cotton lace shirt

sizes ... small medium large


priced at $70




 this tangerine shade is striking and eyecatching and looks terrific mixed with black, white, and denim pants,black slip dresses like the san nizet urban, and long straight skirts. lining has now been added to the back with a perfect matching colour so it is easy to wear without an extra cami layer


the tangerine cotton lace shirt

sizes ... small medium large


Competitively priced at $70