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Glimpses of the latest collections


 Sandra Nizette..Designer and manufacturer of the san nizet collection


The Luxe Silk Resort & Urban Chic Collections

 san nizet design endeavours to be easy to wear, eye catching, use an eclectic mix of fabrics, looks casual and chic at the same time or sophisticated and urban, 

... always contemporary and limited edition...

Our clients are appreciating the attention to detail and edgy additions we have used for all of our collections..

being an independent fashion designer gives sandra the versatility and flexibility to understand what the customer has a fashion need for, to enhance their wardrobe and make them feel special, beautiful and confident ..

San Nizet loves using black chic base styles especially for the travelling collections that can be worn year in and year out and still look on trend..


monochrome colouring also plays a big part as it is just so easy to mix and match with all other colours . we try to cater for all of our clients tastes by adding florals and animal prints to the jackets collection using styles that are always on trend influenced not only by the global fashion week collections but street wear eclectics.

The Black Travel Pants are back after they were so well received at the fashion week and photoshoots. Same luxe japanese fabric and silk satin mix but with a few different attention to detail style looks added every year..

some women have been buying them as work pants and find they work brilliantly..

we have just added a luxury white active leisure range for this year which is a lot of fun to wear and chill out in..

After requests from clients the knee length long shorts with the curved bottom have been a travelling delight especially for my 'cruise ladies ' . . . can dress up or down, add any style shoe and always looks smart and fashionable.. 

Often called the Queen of Accessories and scarf Tying since organising all of the workshops and fashion high teas at the studio, Sandra has designed and manufactured Luxury Silk Two Layered Scarves with eclectic colours and pattern mixes that are dramatic, interesting and very wearable..

A one layer large scarf and a smaller vee scarf especially for using under a jacket has been a new addition with our signature tassel added..

..this years nearly sold out..

have added a new net wrap to the collection that adds sophistication and drama

The Men are not missing out with the added collection of MH SHIRTS ..European cut, slim fit and gorgeous !

This Label is not into mass produced look alikes . . . we care where our fashion is manufactured .

As soon as the new designs arrive in the studio they can be sold ! which is a fabulous bonus for the women who enjoy being up with the latest modern trends .

San Nizet being an independent fashion label can provide this fabulous service .

Sandra loves working from her studio on the Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia and enjoys creating designs that are exciting and turn heads .

" I believe all women deserve to step outside feeling confident and looking their best no matter their size or shape and I design with this mantra in mind to make it happen for my clients . "  - X San

San Nizet Fashion
Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia
Mobile: 0418-887-296    Email: sandra@sannizet.com.au

Sandra with her late gorgeous Dalmatian Finn who loved gracing the San Nizet photoshoots & Loved being in the studio usually where the sun was shining !or at my feet.

Some views from my Coolum studio