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 San Nizet Australian contemporary womens and mens fashion


..Quality,contemporary and limited edition

.. edgy and very wearable

..attention to detail and eye catching

..adds a modern touch to your wardrobe

womens Fashion is sold under the SAN NIZET label and the SAN label. the 2019 collections include shirts, jackets, skirts and fabulous wraps & scarf accessories especially with the traveller in mind

mens fashion is sold under the MH label.

the collections include some very interesting shirts, unisex paisley shorts and now at our clients request handkerchiefs for the suit pocket and some very eye catching ties! 

Accessories have always been a treasured part of the san nizet label with new collections and fabric prints added every year

so thrilled about the new silk wrap collection..fun, easy to pack and wear, versatile and gives a lift to your outfit.

I love skirts ! especially my new denim collection with  the 'oh so comfortable' stretch fabric waists which is an embraced fashionable look. add some interesting design features and the deep pockets and you will have an indispensable fashion item in your wardrobe


how can you buy from san nizet and where will we be for a try on and to meet us ??

look up Fashion events and you will see when and where we will be

contact us using this link to enquire/order about any of the fashion

email, sms or ring us